Andrea Burke life coach

Hi, I'm Andrea

Certified Professional Coach

My purpose is to help you design the life you desire rather than settle for the life you think you should have.

Prior to my coaching career, I spent 10 years working for fortune 500 CPG companies in brand management, overseeing businesses worth $250+ million globally.

At only 30 years old, I was managing teams, overseeing full P&L’s, launching new products, creating advertising, and developing employees.

I was told my career could become anything I wanted it to be.

Despite the boundless potential in front of me, I realized I no longer wanted to work endless hours, attached to my phone, promoting products people don’t really need.

So in 2016, I chose to evolve.

I broke away from blindly following the path others laid out for me — the path so many of my peers were on without question or intention.

I wanted to make a meaningful impact in the world.

Over the next two years, I slowed down and discovered who I was and what I actually wanted.

From there, with support from my coach, I created a path to transform my life.

I went from being a woman who was destined to be in corporate America forever to a woman who is full of love, joy, purpose, passion and possibility beyond what is predictable.

I am so much more than a title or a salary.

I am a mom to my son, Jackson, a wife, daughter, aunt, friend, coach, consultant and mentor.

Each role makes me feel excited and proud. Each title is one I am consciously choosing.

As a result of my transformation, my life is abundant and more spacious than ever before.

How would you love your life to feel?

Send me a message below. I’d love to talk with you about it.

Andre Burke life coaching
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